Wild Like You

Name's Song! Welcome to my art blog~
It's mainly going to be filled with things pertaining to my WIP webcomic, "Eventide" (link on side). . Besides that, there will also be fanart and other original ideas.

so i finally married the babe


rebeccasongsmith -> solacewind

i really wanted to start using this url again aaa

one of my four waifu’s in this darned game heckin’ cutie patoot univir

selt-is-captured asked: Wow, You're a really great artist. I can draw, but I'm not as good as you are... Yet. Keep up the good work :D

Oh thank you! I appreciate it! ;;

Oh really? I’d love to see your art sometime! :D

Since there isn’t much to do here I just did some doodles

downloaded the free trial of ‘autodesk sketchbook pro’, so i whipped this up as practice

totally gonna buy it soon

coloring looks really funky whoops


19. Wearing a funny hat

oh wow for those not following my Art blog this’ll be the first time you’ve seen these characters

Welp, here’s my own characters; Husky, Forrest, and Skyla, in that order! 

the squid hat is for u

Commission sketch of Shing and Kohak for Liz!

Thank you again!

i decided to try drawing again on iScribble after like two years and i don’t remember it being this hard to draw on it i give up