Wild Like You

Name's Song! Welcome to my art blog~
It's mainly going to be filled with things pertaining to my WIP webcomic, "Eventide" (link on side). . Besides that, there will also be fanart and other original ideas.

Whoops, sorry for being so inactive recently. I’ve been doodling slowly but nothing worthy to really put up here… I’ll try to get some stuff drawn by later this week or the next to update this l o l„„

Anonymous asked: one of your OC's + 15 :3



In all honesty, this is my first time attempting to do a ‘painting’ like this, so sorry about the super messiness, still learning haha

Anyway, say hello to Merrik Summer, Prince of the Soulr Kingdom.

this stuff is anatomy practice and i was gonna outline and add some color but i’ll just leave these as doodles

Forrest and Skyla

my hairy puppy boy


I forgot the beginning of Pacific Rim took place in Anchorage and now I’m laughing because burrito lives there

#burrito what if you saw a giant monster and a giant robot come to save you

r u implying i already haven’t B)

did a bit of redesigning with this character to give her a better ‘pilot’ look, with the edition of gun shoulder straps

to improve on her description: she’s Cloud Sol, human, violent with a sharp tongue, easily annoyed, likes getting things done quickly, her dream is to fly, annoyed with her height, rather bubbly and easily excited, totally into the ladies, loves windy days and birds

and an all out nerd for airplanes


a vishnal and clorica sketch from a while ago i forgot i had in the drafts

ngl i honestly ship these two uh

rf4 doodles ey

this whole picture was just an excuse to draw lest/forte in swimsuits so i wasn’t planning on a background originally ssssssh 

they made rosary’s together at the blacksmith in my game hence their addition

'clean' is not a term i know in art